Saturday, 14 January 2012

Table top organisers and a freebie

I needed to get something for the tables in my classroom for all their stationary. I got $2 baskets from a $2 shop, got a pack of 10 plastic cups from target and some ribbon. Using double sided tape I put the ribbon on the cups. I then created labels for the cups and will stick them on when I go into my classroom (as I am not 100% sure what I will be needing).

Here is a picture for the printable for the labels that I made (have not figured out yet how to add a document- any help??- will add when I do)
There was also another few labels that had highlights, sharpeners/rubbers and rulers- again will add when I figure out haha (love figuring out new stuff- except when I can't!)

I think I may have figured it out... lets see how it goes (click on the following link)


  1. @ Michelle,

    Your Grade 2s will love your pencil tubs!

    I actually use the same plastic baskets as you in my classroom (and have for the past 2 years). They're a fantastic size for holding everything. I do love your idea of adding ribbon to the plastic cups - it's very cute - and putting labels on the containers. I'll have to remember that for the future.

    - Stef (@stefgalvin)

    1. Thanks Stefanie,
      I am really happy with the way these worked out :-) They are a great size, and then can put rulers in the middle of them.

      Michelle :-)

  2. Hello from the U.S.!
    First I want to congratulate you on obtaining your Masters degree! Yea for you!! :) Second, I am so glad that I found your blog on Pinterest! I began reading about the Math number of the day then just kept scrolling. When I got to the part where you described planning for an "emergency teacher" and then that your students have swimming class.....well then I asked myself, "Where does this woman teach???" I think it when you mentioned your "mum" in the picture and ANZAC Day, I then're from "Down Under"! How exciting that the internet has brought many teacher together through blogging, FaceBook and, of course, Pinterest! I teach at an inner city school in Los Angeles, California. I love my students they always keep me busy. I must admit though, that I am jealous that your kids have swimming! California, unfortunately, has cut physical education from the elementary schools so the kids rarely get and exercise time. It really is a shame..... no music or art class either.
    OK enough of the differences..... :) I wanted to share my version of the number of the day. I have not seen what has been posted on Pinterest so I don't know if something like it is already there, but it is very visual. There are stars or any small stickers that are used as the units then paper 1 dimensional rods and flats. Our number of the day is actually the day of the school year. For example, the first day of school is 1. I currently teach 4th grade but I taught 2nd grade and used it with my second graders. It was wonderful. I have already signed up to follow your blog and I will take a picture of my number of the day board and try to send it to you. You have some very wonderful ideas and your classroom looks so organized! You are an awesome teacher! :)