Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Number of the day freebie and graduation time

After some searching on pinterest I saw a few different 'number of the day' worksheets ( from primary punch and loryevans) and I was inspired to make my own focused mainly on place value for our current maths unit.

download it here number of the day

Also worth talking about, I had my graduation last night! I officially have a Masters of Teaching (Primary) and a graduate certificate in religious education. I had such a great night and thought why not share some pics :-)

This is me getting ready to leave

This is me and my mum after the ceremony! 

It was a really great night- not to mention getting a day off school- and having today off for ANZAC day! I never realised how much work it is getting work ready for an emergency teacher. I was stressing all Monday making sure everything was ready- especially seeing my kids go swimming on Tuesdays!!! Eeeek, will be interesting going to school tomorrow seeing what it waiting for me :-)

Have a great week!!! 


  1. Congrats! (Yep, it's way too much work being gone.)


  2. Congrats! Just found your blog and downloaded your freebie! Thanks! Can't wait to use it next year. We are almost finished with school for the year here in Georgia. We have 5 more days left! I am now following your blog!


  3. Congratulations on graduating!
    I'm your newest follower.

    Mrs. D
    Reading with Miss D

  4. So glad you found inspiration in my number of the day! Love your version : )

    Primary Punch

  5. Just found your blog. Love the photos of your room. Please stop by my blog. I'm a new follower.

  6. Congrats! Glad to find your blog!
    Literacy Minute

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I'm so happy that I stumbled across your blog! It is so inspiring! I'm hoping to have a similar blog when I begin teaching next year (fingers crossed). Congratulations on graduating!


  8. Greetings! I'm your newest follower! I've nominated you for a Leibster Award! It is a great way to connect and expand your follower base! Check out my blog post for information:

    Hoping to connect and share! :)