Monday, 14 January 2013

Story Map- Plus a Freebie

Today I have made a 'Story Map' for my classroom.

I originally got the idea from pinterest and decided to make one. I am going to put it up on the wall of my new reading corner (which I will post pics of next time I go into the classroom). It is double sided and has basically the same thing on both sides.

The purpose behind me creating both sides is that I can fill it throughout the week as a whole class in shared reading with a big book, and then small groups can use the other side in guided reading without having to take away the post-its from the whole class.

Ways I will use this: 

Whole class- After reading a story with the class (or before and during the story) as a class we will fill out the story map. I will write down student answers on post-it notes and stick them on the map. This can be done in a single session or can be done throughout the week (depending on how long we look at a book for). Depending on the focus of the lesson, we might not fill out every section, just ones that I feel at the time are important for the students to understand.

Small group- Guided reading, after a small group has read their book, an activity can be to fill out the story map to assess student understanding. Students could each fill in one section, or they could work as a group to fill in the whole map. This could also be used with a parent helper with the same concept.

Worksheet- I have also made a worksheet of the map so that students can go away and fill it in themselves. This can be done from a whole class or small group lesson.

Here are pictures of the story map
Side 1

Side 2-

This is the worksheet I made. Just click on where it says worksheet or on the picture. I got the moister clipart from


  1. Hello!
    This idea is so cute! I love your board and the worksheet - thanks for sharing! :)

    My kids love doing story maps - and it's excellent practice for reviewing a story. It's a template that you can use again and again throughout the year.

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Thanks Jessica!!!! I am looking forward to using it this year!!!!

  2. This is awesome, thank you for sharing!