Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Setting up my room again!!!

I went into school today to begin setting up my room again for the new year! Students start next Wednesday (1 week) and I have been busy these holidays making some new things for my classroom. It is already a great feeling being in my second year of teaching. Having the same classroom makes things a lot easier as most of my things are already set up and I know how I like things. I decided to change a few things though to make it seem a bit different and here are the new things I have done so far. If your interested you can have a look at my old setting up blog post from this time last year to see the difference

My new reading corner
I got a new bookshelf and pillows from ikea. I then made a story map- see other post, and put that on the wall with some story elements posters that I got from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten TPT store (free).
I also got some reading quotes from The teacher couple TPT store (free) and used the Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss quotes and suck them on the side of the reading shelf.
I also got an owl I PICK reading poster to put on the wall from cute classroom creations TPT store (free)

Birthday wall
I have changed my birthday wall this year- I decided to do an idea that I have seen on pinterest.
My wall isn't quite done but I will post some more pictures when I finish it next week. 
I bought some sparkly scrapbook paper from lincraft and stuck it up on the wall. I then got some cute owl month labels from schoolgirl styles TPT store. However I think I might need to reprint them a bit smaller, because I am going to take a photo of each the students whose birthdays are in each month. I am going to print their dates of birth with their names for them to hold up. I will then stick this picture underneath each month label. I don't have any October birthdays so I might be able to save some room there :-)
I have also redone my birthday pencils- see other post- this is the same as last year. 
I will post some more pictures when I finish this wall. 

 Owl door
I changed my door this year and gave it an owl theme. I got the sign from vistaprint . I bought the little owls from schoolgirl styles TPT store and just added my students names to it. I also got a cute owl welcome sign from teacherytidbits blog

Thats it for now but I still have another week before school starts and I'm sure some more things will be happening :-) 


  1. Your classroom looks great, Michelle! Also, I have that exact same blue beanbag in my classroom!

    I'm hoping to get into my room and get it set up later this week. There's something exciting about setting up a room for new students, and to make changes each year.

    Good luck with your second year! Each year gets better and better.

    Stef @ Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Thanks Stef!!!! Have you got many things to do for setting up as well???
      Thanks for your comment :-)

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