Friday, 17 November 2017

Independent Reading Time

There is so many opportunities for independent reading in the classroom that at times it can be hard to keep up with what the children are reading and when they have finished a book. Read on to see how I set up my independent reading time. Follow the link to find the pack 

 Independent Reading Time

Firstly I begin the year by discussing what books they might be reading and where they can get the books from. They might be borrowing books from the bookshelf in the classroom, school library or bringing in a book from home.

I then use this poster I made called "How to choose a 'Just Right' Book" 

 How to pick a 'Just Right' Book

If the students have chosen a 'Just Right' Book I give them the following instructions:

 I have chosen a 'Just Right' book

I get the students to fill out a 'Reading Log' every time they read their book. (A black and white version is available in the pack on TpT
 Reading Log

Every time a student finishes reading a book I ask them to complete a book review. They can then choose to present to the class, a small group or a partner about what they read.

I always have those students who get up and down 5 times in a lesson and swap over books. I use these instructions and forms to provide accountability for student choices.

 My book is not a just right book
 My book is not a just right book

You can download this pack on Teachers Pay Teachers by following this link

 Independent Reading Time

I have also included a freebie of the book report in a black and white version:

Thank you for reading my post. I would love some feedback on how you set up your Independent Reading or if there is anything you would like me to add to my pack! 

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